Wildlife Map

Please click on the icons for more information, or click on ‘show labels’ under the drop-down ‘sat’ button for place names. I will be adding to the Brandon Hill Nature Park wildlife map over time with nearby places to spot Bristol’s wildlife so please return to explore the map in the future.

Please contact me here brandonhillnature@gmail.com or leave a comment in the box below if you have any questions, wildlife sightings to share or would like me to add anything to the map.


3 Responses to Wildlife Map

  1. Ben Hoare says:

    Fantastic blog – keep up the good work…

    We did a photo shoot with a certain Mr Packham at Brandon Hill on a very chilly day this March. Managed to hear several twinkling goldcrest but not much else.

    Ben (Features ed, BBC Wildlife Magazine)

  2. Hi Ben,

    thanks for the comment, glad you like it.

    Yes, loads of goldcrests singing in the spring, but harder to find at this time of year now they are quieter.

    Quite a few migrants passing through at the moment and can get much better views of passing buzzards and peregrines now Cabot Tower has reopened. Can even see the Castle Park peregrines from here now when they are up.


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