Brandon Hill

Brandon Hill Nature Park is an urban park in central Bristol with views across the city, down to the river Avon and across the surrounding countryside. It provides an oasis for urban wildlife, with a range of habitats, including a small area of woodland managed by the Avon Wildlife Trust (, a wildflower meadow in summer and a small wildlife pond. It is home to a family of foxes, has a large population of very friendly grey squirrels, many bird species (with regular sightings of goldcrest, treecreeper and blackcap) and is well located for spotting migrants and the local Avon Gorge peregrines – which can often be seen roosting on the Wills Memorial Tower at the top of Park Street. Brandon Hill Nature Park is also home to Cabot Tower, which after being closed to the public for structural repairs since 2007, is now open as of Tuesday, August 16th. Cabot Tower opens first thing in the morning, when the groundskeeper arrives and is closed in the evenings about half an hour before sunset. Times may vary at weekends.

Panorama over Clifton and Bristol from Cabot Tower - Aug 16th 2011The view over Clifton from Cabot Tower (click for larger image)

For more information about Brandon Hill and it’s wildlife, see this PDF put together by the Avon Wildlife Trust:


4 Responses to Brandon Hill

  1. Nice blog – lovely pictures! We’ll advertise your site in our email newsletter…

  2. Jenny Morgan says:

    I’ve been following you on Twitter for a little while but only just clicked on to the site. I love it! Good job keeping it updated and really interesting – it’s great to hear from someone who is so obviously passionate about Bristol’s nature! I think I’ll be visiting Brandon Hill soon to see what I can see 🙂

  3. salamaabb says:

    I just enjoy looking at your site; the pictures you have put up are quite impressive and I just love the detail you have put in. Maybe you can lokk at my website: to see more information about UK wildlife and other science topics.

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