A gallery of my favourite Bristol peregrine shots from 2012

All images © Sam Hobson 2012


7 Responses to Peregrines

  1. alison latham says:

    stunning photos! thanks for sharing them!

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  3. ivorseye says:

    Fantastic captures, well done!

  4. Neil Parker says:

    Hi Sam, I saw the juvenile peregrine today, just wondered what lens you used to snap these shots with? They are very impressive and I guess you are using some decent kit here.

    • Hi Neil – pretty mid-range for this sort of thing, but have spent a lot of time watching them, so anticipating their behaviour is just as important I reckon. I’m using a 300mm f4 with a 1.4x converter and a Nikon D7000, which crops 1.5x, making it the equivalent of a 630mm. it’s got no VR, so shooting usually above 1600th and around f8 as pretty soft below. Most of these are crops, but keep them at least 4000px hi-res so that they are usable for prints etc. Hope that helps.. Sam.

  5. Neil Parker says:

    Cheers, yes for sure I only had 40 mins during a lunch break the other day – and I caught them dozing off and asleep! but 2 adult birds was nice to see. I must get down their with the 500mm sometime – best when it’s nice and quiet so not too attract much attention LOL…must work out their hunting times, as you say local knowledge is the best way – with lots of patience.

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