Cabot Tower BSG

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The Cabot Tower Bird Study Group is a visible migration and raptor watch that meets weekly at the top of Cabot Tower, to collectively scan the skies over Bristol for passage migrants and birds of prey.

It is an extension of a wider UK urban migration study, that began in London at the top of Tower 42 in the autumn of 2009. Data collected will be collated with the established Tower 42 Bird Study Group , conceived and run by David Lindo (The Urban Birder), which regularly contributes valuable migration data to the BTO via BirdTrack.

The aim of the initial sessions during the late autumn of 2011 will be to monitor numbers of passage passerines / hirundines etc., to monitor Bristol’s urban peregrine and buzzard population and to look out for passing raptors rarer to Bristol, like red kite and potentially osprey.

The group has permission to access Cabot Tower before sunrise (when public access is allowed) and is open to anyone with an interest in birds or wildlife who would like to be involved.

This autumn, we will initially only have space for c.10 people in the group, including birding / photographic equipment. Numbers may be re-evaluated before spring 2012.

To join the group or to be added to the mailing list, email

Twitter feed and dedicated official Cabot Tower BSG Blog to follow.

Panorama over Clifton and Bristol from Cabot Tower - Aug 16th 2011View over Clifton from Cabot Tower (click for larger image)
View of Brandon Hill and Cabot Tower from the Wills Memorial Tower

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3 Responses to Cabot Tower BSG

  1. Recce this morning for c. 2 hrs turned up 62 meadow pipits, 20 grey wagtails and 5 pied wags all moving due south.
    Masses of gulls moving into town, 2 peregrine falcons, a few cormorant and a conspiracy of 21 ravens right overhead. A few other bits (blackcaps / goldcrests etc.) around the tower too.
    First proper session will probably be next Friday or Sunday depending on interest and availability.

  2. janevjenkins says:

    How experienced a birder do you need to be to participate in this? I’ve only just started out and would consider myself less than amateur…

    • Hi Jane,

      we will all be working together to ID the birds, so there is no need for extensive experience. IDing birds in flight and sometimes from above can be difficult even for experienced birders. I will try to secure some spare birding equipment in the future, but for now if you could bring along your own binoculars, then you would be welcome to attend. I will add your email to the list and keep you updated on times etc.


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